Lahore To Wazirabad Babu Passenger Train Timings And Schedule At 2024 (Updated)

Babu Passenger Train Timings 2024: Embark on a delightful journey with Babu Passenger, the famous local train connecting Lahore and Wazirabad. This train, a vital part of Pakistan’s railway system, offers daily services catering to the needs of numerous passengers.

Babu Passenger Train Numbers

he Babu Passenger runs two primary services: Train 205 Up (Lahore to Wazirabad) and Train 206 Down (Wazirabad to Lahore).

  • Lahore to Wazirabad: Train No. 205 Up
  • Wazirabad to Lahore: Train No. 206 Down

Babu Passenger Duration and Distance

This efficient train covers approximately 100 kilometers, taking about 2 hours. It’s a swift and convenient option for travelers seeking to explore this region of Pakistan.

Babu Passenger Train Class Options

Passengers can choose between Only One class options for their journey:

  • Its Local Train Between Lahore To Wazirabad (Economy Class)

Stops Along the Route Babu Passenger Train

  • Dhaunkal
  • Ghakkhar Mandi
  • Gujranwala Cantt
  • Gujranwala
  • Eminabad
  • Kamoke
  • Sadhoke
  • Muridke
  • Kala Shah Kaku
  • Shahdara Bagh
  • Badami Bagh

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway  To be Confirmed Babu Passenger Train Timings.

Babu Passenger Train Timings Lahore to Wazirabad (205 Up)

Lahore JnStart16:40
Badami Bagh16:4816:49
Shahdara Bagh Jn16:5516:57
Kala Shah Kaku17:0817:09
Gujranwala Cant18:2018:22
Ghakkhar Mandi18:2818:29
Wazirabad Jn19:00End

Babu Passenger Train Timings Wazirabad To Lahore (206 Down )

Wazirabad JnStart05:00
Ghakkhar Mandi05:1805:19
Gujranwala Cant05:2505:26
Kala Shah Kaku06:3206:33
Shahdara Bagh Jn06:4306:45
Badami Bagh06:5106:52
Lahore Jn07:00End

FAQs Babu Passenger Train

The Babu Passenger runs between Lahore and Wazirabad daily, ensuring regular and reliable service.

Key stops include Dhaunkal, Ghakkhar Mandi, Gujranwala Cantt, and others, totaling 11 stops in each direction.

The journey takes approximately 2 hours, making it a quick and efficient way to travel 100 kilometers.

The Babu Passenger offers only Economy class, focusing on providing all passengers with an affordable and comfortable experience.

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