Karachi To Multan Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings And Schedule At 2024 (Updated)

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings And Schedule At 2024 (Updated): The Bahauddin Zakaria Express, a prominent express passenger train in Pakistan, offers daily services between Karachi and Multan. This train is an essential link for passengers travelling along this route, passing through key cities such as Hyderabad, Tando Adam, Rohri, and others.

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Journey Details

This extensive journey covers a distance of 934 kilometres and takes approximately 17 hours.

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Numbers

  • Karachi to Multan : Train No. 25 Up
  • Multan to Karachi : Train No. 26 Down

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Stop Information

  • Bahauddin Zakaria Express 179 Up (Karachi to Multan) has 25 stops.
  • Bahauddin Zakaria Express 180 Down (Multan to Karachi) also has 25 stops.

The train, numbered 25 Up on its journey from Karachi to Multan and 26 Down on the return, makes 25 stops.

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Class of Service

Catering to a wide range of passengers, the Bahauddin Zakaria Express offers classes including Economy and AC Business. These options provide a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

  • Bahauddin Zakaria Express offers (Economy Class) And (AC Business)

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Latest Time Table

As of the latest Pakistan Railway timetable, effective from October 15, 2023, the Bahauddin Zakaria Express follows a precise schedule.

Please Check the Official Website of Pakistan Railway  To be Confirmed Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings.

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings Karachi To Multan (25 Up)

Karachi CityStart18:30
Karachi Cant18:4018:50
Drig Road19:1019:12
Landhi Jn19:3219:34
Kotri Jn21:2121:23
Hyderabad Jn21:4121:46
Tando Adam22:5222:54
Nawabshah Jn23:4423:47
Mahrabpur Jn01:0001:02
Rohri Jn03:0503:30
Rahim Yar Khan06:0606:08
Khanpur Jn07:0007:05
Dera Nawab Sahib08:2008:22
Samasata Jn09:0409:06
Lodhran Jn09:4909:51
Zarif Shaheed10:2710:29
Multan Cant11:30End

Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings Multan To Karachi (26 Down )

Multan CantStart16:00
Zarif Shaheed16:4916:51
Lodhran Jn17:3517:37
Samasata Jn18:2118:23
Dera Nawab Sahib19:0119:03
Khanpur Jn20:4520:50
Rahim Yar Khan21:2221:24
Rohri Jn00:2000:45
Mahrabpur Jn01:5301:55
Nawabshah Jn04:0304:05
Tando Adam Jn05:3305:35
Hyderabad Jn06:2506:35
Kotri Jn06:5206:54
Landhi Jn08:4208:44
Drig Road09:1509:17
Karachi Cant09:4510:00
Karachi City10:10End

FAQs Bahauddin Zakaria Express Train Timings

The train makes 25 stops on both its upward and downward journeys.

It covers central cities like Hyderabad, Tando Adam, Rohri, Ghotki, Sadikabad, R.Y Khan, Liaqatpur, Dera Nawab Sahib, Bahawalpur, Lodhran, and Shujabad.

The journey takes approximately 17 hours to cover a distance of 934 kilometres.

The train offers Economy and AC Business classes.

Final Words

The Bahauddin Zakaria Express is a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to providing efficient and comfortable rail travel. Its detailed schedule and varied class options make it a preferred choice for travellers on this route. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, this train ensures a journey filled with comfort and convenience.

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